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Giant Stugeon Caught
« on: Sep 25/15, 11:05 AM »
'It's a shark!' No, it's a 7-foot lake sturgeon caught by a Minnesota teen

GARRISON, Minn. -- Thirteen-year-old David Jacobson of Garrison, Minn., had already caught a 57-inch muskie -- when he was 8.

Last Saturday, the Jacobson guys took the boat over to Yellow Lake in Burnett County, Wis., to see if someone could catch a lake sturgeon larger than David's muskie.

Oh, my, did they.

David, with plenty of help, caught a sturgeon that ranks among some of the largest ever taken in Wisconsin. The leviathan measured 86 inches long.

Nobody will ever know how much it weighed. The Jacobson clan released the fish and watched it swim back into the depths of Yellow Lake, between Danbury and Siren in northwestern Wisconsin. No girth measurement was taken.

Serious muskie anglers, the Jacobson gang had never been fishing for sturgeon before, said David's dad, Erik Jacobson.

"It was the first time we ever tried for them, as crazy as that sounds," he said. "We had all the gear. It was just a matter of changing the tackle at the end of the line."

Also along that day were Erik's dad, David Jacobson of Isle, Minn., and young David's brother, Noah, 10.

The half-hour battle to bring the fish aboard Erik's 20-foot Ranger included high drama when the sturgeon wrapped David's line around the anchor chain.

For perspective on the size of this fish, the Wisconsin state record lake sturgeon -- also caught in Yellow Lake, in 1979, was 79 inches long. It weighed 170 pounds, 10 ounces.



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Re: Giant Stugeon Caught
« Reply #1 on: Sep 25/15, 11:08 AM »
Wow unreal! What a fish


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Re: Giant Stugeon Caught
« Reply #2 on: Oct 27/15, 10:44 AM »
Nice fish but hate to see these trophy fish killed.